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February 11, 2014, West Middlesex, PA - Flynn's Tire Wholesale announces the opening of a modern, order processing call center located in the corporate office in West Middlesex, PA. This high-tech facility is designed to provide better service to all of Flynn's wholesale accounts. Flynn's Tire Wholesale has experienced tremendous growth over the past 10 years and in order to provide the level of service needed to keep up with this growth a call center was developed to facilitate continuing growth.

Shaun Fitzgerald, General Manager Flynn's Tire Wholesale, explains, "We wanted our distribution centers to focus only on the warehouse functions of supplying our customers with the tires they need when they need them as efficiently as possible. This call center was devised to allow both phone and B2B website orders to be handled by skilled, full time operators whose sole function is to focus on taking our customers orders without being involved or distracted by the shipping and receiving activities."

Flynn's Tire Wholesale operates four large warehouses located in Solon OH and Carnegie, Greensburg and Mercer PA. The recent installation of a new inventory management system in all of these locations allows real-time management of inventory in one consolidated program. This inventory management system is fed into the new call center where operators place orders based on the actual inventory status.

Shaun Fitzgerald continues. "By consolidating our order processing personnel into a single call center we are able to provide our accounts with more convenient, extended hours as well as continuous coverage at all times throughout the day. We have hand selected some of our current warehouse and retail employees, such as Jim Sherer, Frank Conti and Kory Miller, along with some newly hired people. This structure change along with new call center technology should really assist us in being responsive to what our customers are looking for. Flynn's Tire is very excited about the new systems we now have in place to better serve our many wholesale accounts."

The new call center will be staffed from 7:30 am to 6 PM Mon-Fri and 7:30 AM to noon on Saturdays. Mark Munnell will supervise the call center operations.

Joe Flynn III, President, Flynn's Tire Group, says, "We have invested in this latest phone system technology and the new inventory management system so that we can provide superior customer service that exceeds our customer's expectations. This year marks our 50th anniversary and this new call center is just part of the new innovations we have planned for in this monumental year. And it is typical of how we have strived over our 50 years in business to reinvent ourselves for the betterment of our customers."

Flynn's Wholesale customers can reach the call center by calling the toll free number they have been calling for years. All of the old warehouse numbers are automatically routed to the new call center.

Established in 1964, Flynn's Tire Group is a major regional tire wholesaler that is still a family owned business operated by the Flynn family in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. The founders established a reputation of service and value that continues throughout the organization today. Growing from a single location, originally started in Sharon in Pennsylvania, to a total of 29 retail, wholesale and commercial locations. Flynn's Tire Group is still expanding heading into their 50th anniversary.

Flynn's Tire Wholesale has four large warehouses strategically located to service an area spanning six states. This ensures that an extensive variety of tires and sizes are available to all of our customers in a timely fashion. As a result of their large buying power and network of locations, Flynn's has become a distributor of most major brands to tire retailers, service stations, and auto dealers in the Western Pennsylvania, East/Central Ohio region and parts of New York, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia.

Flynn's five Commercial Tire locations service commercial and farm/tractor suppliers and fleets within the same regions. Additionally, Flynn's Tire has a tire retread division to supply truck tires to the motor freight carrier industry.

For more information contact Terry Polonsky, Director of Marketing and Advertising for Flynn's Tire. Phone 724-906-8181. Or email

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