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FTW believes in nothing but the best for our dealers. As you’re probably aware, our original 2020 Gold Standard trip destination was the Dominican Republic. Because of its recent unfavorable publicity, we have chosen, after careful consideration, to change the destination in order to give you a more rewarding, carefree experience. FTW is pleased to announce that our 2020 Gold Standard celebration will be held at the beautiful Paradisus, Los Cabos, Mexico.

Take two romantic Mexican towns, add a splash of the crystal blue sea, beautiful desert scenery and endless adventures. What do you have? None other than Los Cabos, a magical, edge-of-the-earth paradise. Naturally, FTW will be providing hosted activities that offer something for everyone. In addition, you’ll have plenty of leisure time to explore on your own. Los Cabos offers deep-sea fishing, world-class golf, shopping, sailing adventures and so much more. When exploring, you'll find that Los Cabos has two distinct flavors; San Jose del Cabo is a colonial town, steeped in tradition and old-world charm. Twenty miles south is Cabo San Lucas, which while retaining its original feeling as a small fishing village, is now home to world-class shopping, fine restaurants and very active nightlife.

From March 22 to March 26, 2020 our top performers will experience all-inclusive luxury at Paradisus Los Cabos. This world-class resort is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. All rooms provide ultimate comfort and chic atmosphere. Indulgent beds and warm tones are the perfect compliment of balance and a soothing, relaxed environment.

Along with its spectacular pools, epic views of the Sea of Cortez and magnificent private beach, Paradisus Los Cabos offers unforgettable culinary experiences. Michelin rated Gastro Bar, sets the standard for culinary excellence. But with seven restaurants and seven bars, that is just the beginning. Paradisus offers a delicious array of culinary options for everyone from the foodie seeking the latest epicurean delights to the comfort food lover and the most health-conscious between them. Thanks to our 24-hour Room Service and our bevy of restaurants, guests have options for every hour of the day.

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